Wu Guanzhong, few months left

The National Gallery in Singapore has a collection of this much belowed painter, it has been on show for long but I have heard that it is coming to and end soon. Though Wu Guanzhongs paintings are often seen in books and journals, it is quite another experience to see them in full scale as they are often quite large. The National Gallery also shows several of his oil paintings, often of similar subjects as the ink paintings. It is quite interesting to compare the two media when you see paintings of the same views next to each other. To me, the ink gives a far more lively and attractive image, but I guess I’m biased.

Book launch

Friday the 30th of August the book Landskap i tusch Рid̩, historia och praktik i kinesisk konst will be launched. It is written in Swedish, the title would translate to something like: Landscapes in ink Рtheory, history and practice in Chinese art. It is presented on another place at this site.