This sections shows some paintings of mine. I intend to change them every once in a while. I would appreciate criticism, let me know what you think. Some could be for sale, but generally I don’t put my images on the market. Most of them are mounted in the Chinese way, some are framed in the Western fashion, and others are just straight from the study.

Fishing or relaxing? This is a small painting with ink and colours on shuan paper. I was inspired to try the subject during a trip the north of Sweden ….and by a Song dynasty image of a fisherman – or a recluse. It is mounted as a hangig scroll and the format is 30 x 40 cm.

Sunday lemons is a poem by Derek Walcott. I thought the blue and yellow would capture its spirit, but I’m not so sure… Perhaps it is a bit too much – too colourful? The painting is mounted as a hanging scroll, the image itself is small at 20 x 30 cm.

This image is a sort of response to Seamus Heaney’s poem The Haw Lantern. It is a haunting text, click on the image to get a close-up that can be read. It is mounted and framed, and it is a fairly large image at 30 x 70 cm.

This was really fun to paint! I seldom paint animals and never did a tiger before. But I decided to give this traditional Chinese subject a try, and happened to read William Blake’s poem at the same time. I like the composition and the colours of the tiger, but I’m afraid I totally missed Blake’s idea of ‘the Tyger’. It should have been timid and shy! The painting is mounted as a hangingc scroll, 120 x 60 cm.